Tribali is a unique concept for freshness and hygiene and an alternative to both standard napkins and hand-towels. Small yet compact, it is a practical companion in many life-situations. The Tab Napkin, made from 100% rayon, is biodegradable and, since it is being used only once, offers the highest standard of hygiene.

Simply put a little bit of water on the Tab, and within seconds, the Tribali Napkin will unfold.

See for yourself how easy it is to be convinced of the pleasant freshness of Tribali.

Tribali Servietten Tab
Tribali Gastro

Tribali for business use

Whether a restaurant, hotel or spa is your business, with Tribali you will offer a special one-of-a-kind service to your customers. Read more >

Tribali besondere Serviette

Tribali for private use

Having Tribali at hand, is an easy and quick way to get refreshed after a long journey, some exercise, or during a candle-light dinner. Read more>

Tribali Frangipani

The Right Idea born in BALI

At a nice dinner, the idea for Tribali was born. It all began on Bali in the year of 2014. Since then, Tribali is being ordered by prestigious customers such as Sheraton Salzburg, Intercontinental Jeddah, and the Hofmeister Gastro GmbH & Co.KG. Learn more about Tribali and the advantages of a small magic napkin.


Tribali 6er Tablett Buche
Tribali Servietten-Tabs
Tribali 2er Tablett Thermo-Esche

Make sure you’ll order this new art of freshness today. In addition to the magic napkins, we offer especially designed wood-trays, to present the Tab in a most efficient and elegant way.